The tools we need to test the processor

  • Your device (Laptop / Computer)
  • Internet connection
  • Browser

Explanation of the process

I have found the easiest way to test your CPU to measure the performance of a newly purchased processor or laptop processor, but we do not have much experience in knowing the technical information contained in the processor.

The method that I will explain in this article is a tool that performs pressure and measures the performance of the processor on your computer online from the browser without the need to download any additional tools. This tool also provides you with a standard for measuring the score of your processor against its counterparts from other processors.

Follow these exact simple steps to start your processor stress test:

1 – Get access to the tool

Go to the following link, which will show you a page similar to the page you see below.

2 – Start the CPU benchmark test

After the page is fully loaded you can simply fill in your CPU information and then click on Start CPU Benchmark to start the CPU stress, but keep in mind since the website tool will try to use the device CPU sometimes the Antivirus tools think it is dangerous to your website.

3 – Check the result score

After completing a test on the processor, you will have a page that shows you the complete test result with the data of the processor and the graphics card of the device, but it must be noted that the site performs a test for the processor and not for the graphics card. Now that you have your Benchmark score, you can use it to measure your processor against similar processors made on the same platform.


The site is very great for those who want to buy a secondhand laptop or computer, this tool will help you to perform a quick check of the device without the need to download programs inside the system, and because this benchmark test is done online, it works on all operating systems such as Windows and Mac.


On the site, there is a section called CPUs Rank, which shows the top 500 processors in the test, but unfortunately, the site does not have a search feature in order to see the results of other processors of the same type.

How to identify the CPU model?

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